Training Day

During a stop at a mushroom-shaped planet for some routine maintenance, the happy-go-lucky crew of the Millennium Falcon picked up a mysterious stranger in a green hat.  The stranger seemed very interested in the ways of the Jedi, so Luke grabbed his light saber to give him a first-hand look at the power of the Force.

With his blast shield down, however, Luke soon became disoriented, and although Obi-Wan tried to warn him, the stranger didn’t understand the danger he was in…

…until it was too late.


The young Jedi’s panicked reaction left the disappointed Obi-Wan to clean up the mess and mutter quietly to himself.

Before long, however, Luke’s guilty conscience brought him back to the scene.

“Luke,” said Obi-Wan.  “You have learned a valuable lesson today.  A Jedi must remain calm in all situations.”

“You’re right, Ben,” said Luke.  “I still have a long way to go before I’m a true Jedi master, don’t I?”

“Patience, young Luke.  Now come, let us put this unfortunate instance behind us and never speak of it again.”

“EeeeAArrggHH?!”* said Chewbacca (*translation: Hi guys!  What’s going on over here?)

“WAAAAAAA!!!” said the two Jedi, and they ran away to look for a good place to hide.

“EeeeeArgHHhh?”* (translation: So…I guess no one wants to play Space Chess?)


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