No, I am your Pappy…

A clue from an Imperial droid that was down on its luck has brought Luke to a new planet in search of his father whose true identity remains a mystery.  Hopeful he will be able to find more information, Luke climbs down from his X-Wing and sets out on his search.

What’s this?  Something left behind by Pappy Van Winkle?  Who could this mysterious “Pappy” be?  Is it something left behind by Luke’s very own Pappy?  Luke isn’t sure, but adventurous spirit that he is, he can see only one course of action to find out more.

Luke bravely climbs to the summit and inserts his trusty Jedi straw into the liquid that “Pappy” left behind.  Little does he realize, however, that he has walked right into a trap!  The fiendish Darth Vader looks on gleefully expectant.

Darth Vader celebrates his success.  With Luke out of commission, thanks to the powerful effect of some especially powerful spirits, the dark lord can take the young Jedi’s starship for his own.

While he is rejoicing, however, Darth Vader feels a sharp pang of compassion in his semi-mechanical heart.  Now that’s a feeling I have not felt in a long time…a long time, thinks Vader.  He isn’t sure what it means, except that he will be forced to change his plans.

Being as careful as he can to avoid large rocks, Darth Vader drags Luke back to his X-Wing…

…And covers him up for what will surely be a fitful sleep.

As Vader walks away, leaving the helpless, hapless Luke to sleep off his mistake, he hopes silently to himself that the young Jedi will learn from this experience and not be so hasty in the future.  Perhaps then, Vader thinks, the boy will become a truly worthy adversaryAnd then there will surely be no room for mercy in my heart…


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