Strange New Worlds…

Han, Leia, Chewy, and R2D2 were out exploring a new land.

“What a great adventure!” exclaimed Han, while Leia wore a concerned expression on her face.
“This land sure is strange…” she muttered.
“Beep, boop” Artoo agreed.

They stood looking around.  “I wonder what all this red stuff is on the ground,” mused Leia.
“Beep beep beep boop,” said R2D2, but nobody was listening to him.

“This red stuff goes on for as far as the eye can see!” exclaimed Han.  “This is going to be great!”
“HUNNNGHAAAAAHH!” agreed Chewy.
“Beep beep beep boop,” repeated R2D2 as insistently as he could, but everyone was too excited to see what was out there to listen to Artoo.

Suddenly, from above and out of nowhere came a large, threatening object.  Artoo beeped and booped his warning as loud as he could…

…but it was too late.  The little droid that could tried with all his might to get the heavy object off of his friends.  It dawned on each of them as they lay squashed under the object just what those red splatters were that dotted the hostile landscape.

Shedding android tears and trailing his friends’ blood behind him, Artoo headed back to the ship.  He didn’t know how he’d explain this one, but he was sure he could somehow blame the incident on Han’s swagger.  If only they’d listened…